Friday, June 11, 2010

Recipe Week


Ok so i'm really excited because starting Sunday i'm going to post an easy fun dish (more like snack) for you to make!!!!! its kinda like a new series called Recipe week... but you already know that from the title!! On sunday start checking my blog i like posting my vlogs in the morning but i'll have to see... anyways heres a little sneak peak to what i'm doing...
Sunday Dish: Summer Sips!! a reaally yummy drink!!
Monday Dish: Funky Fries!!! There not really fries at all!
Tuesday Dish: All Hearts!! A really hearty ham lunch!!
Wednesday Dish: Bitty Burgers!! you have to have a sweet tooth for this snack!
Thursday Dish: Sea Food Fun!! If you like tuna you'll love this snack!
Friday Dish: Lemonade Slushy! The title gives it away!
Saturday Dish: Care Bears: Have a Beary nice day!
So theres your sneack peak of whats going to happen next week starting sunday!

Thats all 4 now!

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