Thursday, March 5, 2009


I have two dogs one named Udy and one named Diego. Udy is a Yorkie-poo and Diego is a mutt. They are really sweet dogs and love to play. We recently got an electrical fence for Diego. It has an electric cord underground, and Diego has a collar so that when he gets five feet or closer it shocks him. But he never gets shocked anymore because he's trained. Anyway here are some pictures of them. if you have pets, e-mail me pictures of them and i will post it!


  1. Good morning, Ana!! Wow!! The blog looks great!! You did a good job with the picture, and your doggies are adorable!!

    Hope you have a great day!! Did Mom like your decoupage?

    Bye for now!
    Miss Becky

  2. They're so cute! Great blog, Ana!!!!!

  3. The dogs are amazing, and so is your blog!


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  5. She liked it a lot Mrs. Becky! Thank you guys for the comments they mean a lot to me!


  6. Hi Ana it's Madsion Your dogs are so cute and i miss seeing you at my house.

    Love, Madsion

  7. Hey Ana I have someone going to announce my blog on their blog. Would you like me to announce yours on mine? If you do let me know.

    Love, Madison

  8. Your dogs are really cute! I like the 3rd picture. It looks like he's smiling. I have a dog and a cat.