Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cool activities when your bored

Ok, so you come home from school and you have no idea what to do? Does that happen to you a lot? It happens to me A LOT! Or on Saturday when all your buddy's are gone. It gets pretty boring. This is when the right side of your brain has to come in.

Here are a couple of crafts to keep yourself busy. Text Color
if yor the tipe that likes silly putty or goo, you will like these next two crafts

creepy and confusing goo (Gak)

All you need is cornstarch and water. Put a hole small box of cornstarch in a large bowl and then slowly add water, start with a cup. Stir it with your hands (it will be messy) until when you punch it, it will harden and when you slowly put your hand in it will let you pass and come in the goo. You can add food coloring to color it when your done playing with it put it in the fridge.

Flubber (my favorite!)

You need liquid starch "Sta Flo" works best and white school glue. Get two plastic cups and fill one a quarter way with glue an the other starch. Put the starch into the glue and mix it with a spoon and it forms into a ball. Then knead it until it turns into FLUBBER!!!! Put it into an air tight container and into the fridge.

This is what flubber looks like.

If you are the girl that likes makeup.


You need Vaseline, honey, food coloring, sliver of lipstick (optional) and and small, old empty container. Mix a little bit of everything and mix ingredients until its nice and creamy. Decorate the cover with beads and pretty things. now you have homemade lip gloss!!!

If you like just crafts in particular

Jewelry people!

You need old jewelry such as earring and bracelets and brooches etc. Glue them on a peace of paper in a pattern that makes it look like a person made of jewelry. Cut it out then glue it on to cardboard and cut it out again. You have jewelry people!

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